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Cabinet Options

Cabinet refacing in your future?  If you’ve been researching refacing, you know how it can be overwhelming. Between door styles, color options, and trying to figure out if you should glaze or not glaze ( that is the question), you might be ready to call it quits.  Often you have the perfect cabinet option but will it really work with your flooring?  Looking at your space, will the new style match with the current floors for instance?  Do you want to consider customer built cabinets?

Transforming your kitchen should be exciting not stressful.  That’s where our company comes into the picture. Check out our ‘Options‘ under Refacing and see what strikes your fancy.   We know with so many different styles and colors you are sure to find something that works for your space.  We can work to update your cabinets and floors, leaving you with the kitchen you wanted all along.  If you would like to learn about other options explore our site.  Our services extend to Diamond Cabinet’s where we install semi-built cabinets.  On top of those services we also work with Painted Kitchen Cabinets.

Planning a larger project?  Maybe an addition or new construction?  JNK Home Enterprises can meet all your construction needs.

Visit our website to learn more.  JNK Home Enterprises LLC